Transforming The Music


As an Independent Songwriter, When your Music is Sold, Streamed, or Played on the Radio or on the Internet, it could be Generating income from multiple types of Royalties in addition to the money you are already Earning from Distribution.

Earn More From Your Music.

Sign-Up Unlimited Songs

We’ll register your music for publishing royalties across the globe, while you keep full ownership and copyright.

Fair Payments

We only take a 10% commission on publishing royalties we collect and you keep all the rest. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else in the industry.

Sync Opportunities For You

Earn royalties every time you perform live or your music is heard. We also pitch your tracks for TV & film placements.

New Revenue For Your


If you write and release your own music but don’t claim publishing royalties, you’re missing out, When you sign up for Impulse Publishing, we’ll register all your music with collection points around the world, maximizing your potential income.



Publishing Partners

simplifies registering and managing compositions, and allows for multiple rights management configurations per work. Select your services, territories and types of rights you want to collect; track performance with robust analytics.

We Offer Two Types Of Publishing Packages

You Can Choose From, $49/Yearly & $29/Per Song

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