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How To Verify YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC)

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We understand the importance of having a prominent and official presence on YouTube for artists and musicians. One key aspect of this presence is the YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC), which consolidates your entire discography and content into a single, easily discoverable hub.

Follow these steps to request a YouTube Official Artist Channel through Impulse Tunes Distribution:

  • Eligibility: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by YouTube for an Official Artist Channel. Typically, this includes having an active YouTube channel, having music available on YouTube, and maintaining a sufficient presence on the platform.
  • Fill Out the Form: Visit our dedicated page for YouTube Official Artist Channel requests at Impulse Tunes Distribution OAC Request Form. Here, you will find a form that collects essential information about your artist profile and existing YouTube channel.
  • Provide Required Information: Fill out the form with accurate details, including your artist name, YouTube channel URL, and any additional information requested. Ensure that the provided information aligns with your artist’s identity and existing online presence.
  • Submit Supporting Documents: Depending on YouTube’s requirements, you may need to submit supporting documents, such as proof of ownership or authorization for the content you wish to include in the Official Artist Channel. Follow any additional instructions provided in the form.
  • Review and Confirmation: After submitting the form and required documents, our team will review your request. If everything is in order, we will proceed with the application process on your behalf.
  • YouTube Approval: YouTube will review the application and, upon approval, will create an Official Artist Channel for you. This process may take some time, and we recommend regularly checking your YouTube account for updates.
  • Enjoy Your Official Artist Channel: Once approved, your YouTube Official Artist Channel will be live, providing fans and viewers with a centralized location to explore and enjoy your entire music catalog.

Congratulations on taking this step to enhance your presence on YouTube and reach a wider audience. If you encounter any issues or have questions during the process, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

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